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How To Contact Apple Support Number UK

Dial the Apple Support Number UK to contact with Apple Support UK expert, resolve Apple issues on the spot, and get Apple Support UK Help. Apple Support UK is what you all need to fix Apple issues in the most simple ways, whether it’s online chat or telephonic talks.

Apple Support Number UK 0800 107 6285

Dialing Toll-free for those prolonged calls is a bit of a relief. There we have included a list of different sections for Apple Support that you wish to call.

  • As discussed above check the timings for the specific team.
    1. Sales and customer service team: 0800 048 0408, available between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM 2.
  • For Product warranty care and official services, 0800 107 6285 8:00 AM to 7:45 PM Monday to Sunday.

Here is how to connect with the Apple customer service advisor There are several ways you can get in touch with an Apple support advisor.
You may either call the round-the-clock customer services or the official care with a limited time slot. However, an excellent customer comes at a price because it involves extra resources, time, and money.

Apple knows well how to keep things going in a professional manner. Retaining an existing user is rather cheaper than making new ones.
If you need to consult an Apple Customer support technician dial 0800 107 6285.

Here is how to Check the Apple Support and Coverage for your Apple devices. UK users

It is really great to stay updated with the Apple Support coverage for your Apple devices. Because that clearly keeps your confidence up all the time you continue to use your Apple devices worry-free. Follow one of the following steps to learn about your Apple support and warranty.

  • Check Apple support warranty and coverage via the Apple website. So this page is self-explanatory just enter your Apple device serial number and they type the captcha, and you know how long you have got to go or whether it has already run out.
  • Here is how you can find the serial number, on an iPhone and iPad go to settings > General > About.
  • On a Mac click the Apple logo on the top left and go to About this Mac, you will your Mac serial number.
  • Those who just bought the new Apple product and chose a 1-year standard at the time of purchase can always extend it up to 3 years. This is very important to check with Apple at the time of purchase if this can be extended as there is a time limit within which you have to extend the support.
  • We highly recommend that you speak to an Apple Support UK expert on 0800 107 6285.

Dial the Apple Support Number UK

You can report iPhone issues with a customer service specialist, talk to the iPhone customer service advisor below for your concerned problems 0800 048 0408.

Dial the iPad Apple Support for help

There are various versions of the Apple iPad that are not available, and you can get all care directly from the Apple customer care team. To report a technical problem get in touch with an expert.

To get all help with iTunes, call iTunes Apple Support Help

Apart from syncing your music to authorized Apple devices, iTunes also has various vast functionality to serve. In the older days, you could easily download an app for your iPad, or iPod, and transfer it from pc or Mac to the desired compatible Apple mobile devices. Ask Apple Support specialists how to back up your mobile devices to iTunes.

Discuss iCloud problems with the iCloud Apple Support

Apple started the iCloud feature with mac.com and then the me.com account, and now you have iCloud.com. Users who registered with Apple in the early stages of Cloud days still can have me.com and mac.com as their Apple ID.

The best part is if you use the iCloud email address and someone sends an email to mac/me.com you will still receive it on the cloud email account.

iCloud offers free storage or a particular Apple ID, which is limited to 5 GB of data storage online. Users with more data requirements can buy extended storage online from 50 GB, 200 GBP 2 TB, and more, wherein you can pay monthly.

This can be canceled anytime, please ensure to back up your cloud data before canceling your storage plan. However, you have 40 days until your trashed files and permanently deleted.
Get all help and support with your Apple Mac, and talk to the Mac customer service team A variety of Apple computers are now available so you can customize tech specs according to your needs.

Experiencing issues with electronic gadgets is not a new phenomenon, but it’s brand-independent. And Apple devices are certainly not an exception.

Simple solutions for Apple ID issues, connect with Apple ID Customer Services

  • If you are facing any issues with your Apple account which is usually referred to as Apple ID or iCloud ID, let our customer service team fix it for you.
  • Get care with resetting the Apple ID password or recovering the lost Apple account.
  • Keep your Apple ID updated and secured and make sure to keep your email address up to date.
  • Login into the Apple ID account and also update any expired bank card.

Keeping the most up-to-date information reduces the recovery process, hence also ensures you have the right department on the file.
Consult Apple customer service online for all other Apple ID issues.

Do we really have the Apple Support email?

So once you have reported an issue to the Apple customer service team, you receive an email with a case ID. You may reply to the questions and use that case ID for future communication with the same issues.

Apple Customer Services is also available via chats

AppleCare services are also available via chat, which is further extended to round the clock. Sometimes an issue needs service and you can request a call back at your convenience time.

Here is How to get Genius Bar Customer Care Help

Apple also has authorized service centers where is one and one sessions can be arranged based on the kind of agreements you have with your Apple products. Multiple queries can be served in the storage wherein you can also learn the best out of your Apple devices. Please call Apple Support for more assistance on the extra services you want.

Talk to the Apple Purchase team and get help with your Apple orders

  • You can buy Apple products either via the Apple website, in the Apple store, from the marketplace place, or from local authorized Apple resellers.
  • Apple customer care for Educational Purchases.
  • If you are a college student, teacher, or professional, you may speak to Apple Support at 0800 048 0408, opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM.
  • If you wish to buy on behalf of a school, college, or university and want to speak to an Apple customer service representative, dial 0800 912 0207

Business user’s contact details for the Apple Customer Service

  • Apple products can be purchased for business use as well, via the online, store, and online.
  • Business sales care services are available Monday to Friday.

Get help with Refurbished Apple Products by calling, Apple Support

Apple manufactures some of the most premium electronic goods not everybody can easily afford, which is why you can get refurbished devices as well.

So just to give you a little overview of refurbished devices. Refurbished products are the ones in which a customer returns unused or may have a little defect, which is further repaired and restored as good as new ensuring proper functions.

These devices are sold as refurbished products at much lower prices.

Replacement Apple Support Team

Returning or getting replacements for a faulty product is pretty easy, so call Apple Support toll-free at 0800 048 0408, which is available Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8 PM, and Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM.
To avoid hefty fees for replacements and repair of accidentally damaged Apple devices, please keep an insurance cover ready. Some insurers also offer big relief for lost and stolen devices, check your insurance company for more information.

Find your nearest Authorized Apple Service Centre

Most of the repairs are done through Apple-authorized service centers. This again depends on whether the particular insurance company has tie-ups with whom. A repair usually takes from a couple of days to a week.

How to claim and Get services for Apple devices via Insurance Companies

If you purchased an accidental coverage with your bank, please inform them immediately about such damages. You can even report the lost and stolen cases to both insurance companies or customer services.

How to Report Issues to the Apple Customer Service

There are several things that comprise the Apple Support advisors. For example, you can report an email, call, or text message that appears to be dodgy or phishing. However, there is no to stop getting those emails because every time it seems to be a new source.

The best way to judge is when you receive an anonymous email claiming to be from Apple asking to make changes to your Apple account, that’s when you must stop.
So if you received an email that claims to have your order query and you do not recognize such action, please forward it to reportphishing@apple.com. Alternatively, get in touch with

Apple Support UK at 0800 107 6285

Other emails claiming to be from iCloud of Apple ID can be reported at abuse@icloud.com. For popup issues on your devices, that claim to have the device infected, call our Apple support team.
You may easily find the most relevant tech services related to your Apple product on apple.com. So head to the official site > click on the support section and then type the exact match.

Search engine results for Apple Support UK

You may also search for your query online on authentic search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for the most articles related to AppleCare services.

Apple customer service on YouTube

Recently Apple introduced services from YouTube(youtube.com/apple), which gives wonderful tips to fix your issues instantly.

Apple customer services on Twitter

A team in Apple customer service is also dedicated to updating the Twitter page quite regularly and posting the latest tips to let you understand Apple better.

What latest Updates and Apple Services FaceBook delivers

If you are already on social media, avail the latest updates from the Apple Facebook page. Know about the new developments and changes.

There are several premium lines that connect you to the Apple Support advisor. They charge a certain amount based on the duration of your calls through their servers. So remember to dial Apple toll-free which starts with 0800 and skip being charged for premium services.

Here is How to Check Apple Warranty Online for support and services

Therefore we highly recommend that you register all new purchases with Apple. You can also choose to extend your Apple Support care services either at the time of buying or anytime within the first year. Check Apple coverage and warranties for your Apple devices to know how long your devices are covered.

The original receipt also provides your purchase details for Apple devices along with any extended agreements for Apple.

What do Happy Apple Customers say?

  • Did you know Apple customer services involve much more than having a conversation? so focus on services not just responding to tickets.
  • Since Apple believes in a long-term relationship, and to achieve the same they work in the right direction. Apple Support Care is also best in class and ranked top in the industry.
  • Being good at probing to understand and deliver quick and extremely satisfactory customer services.
  • Remote Apple support is not only just to fix the current issues but also to inspect closely to avoid any upcoming failures. Most of your Apple query is resolved within the very first call.
  • Please note Apple customer services do not make false promises or commitments that they can not fulfill.

Get your Apple Hardware Diagnosis done with the Apple Support team

If your Apple devices are within 1 year of the purchase or you have an extended warranty a free repair can be done. Hence you can take your devices to either an authorized Apple shop or the nearest Apple service center.

We highly recommend that you book an appointment to avoid any long queues. Book your Apple Support Appointment online and visit at your convenient time.

Find and Learn several ways to Back up Apple Devices

There are multiple ways you can back up your Apple devices either online or computer. If you have an Apple device you can get up to 5 GB of iCloud storage for free. Users with minimal data can back up, important stuff like calendars to iCloud and manage the other devices connected with the same Apple ID.

You may also use iCloud to track, delete, and lock your Apple devices.

Also, you have some options to make sure no one can misuse your Apple product.

This is why we highly recommend that you protect your device with a passcode and keep Find My iPhone always enabled. Remember not to remove the Apple devices from the iCloud account if you can’t find them because they can be used again.