Apple customer service phone number

All Apple technical and customer service help related to Apple devices can be professionally addressed by contacting the Apple phone number. Whether you need assistance with the billing, order to troubleshooting one of your Apple devices, so talk to a member of Apple customer service.

Apple technical support number

  • If you are looking for technical support from an official Apple advisor that deals with the help for all Apple devices so dial 0800 107 6285.
  • Just to be more precise if your query is to do with Mac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, or any internal apps like iTunes, mail, or safari, including macOS issue, just dial the Apple toll-free phone number above.

Apple hardware issue and warranty claim

So if your Apple device is covered with an AppleCare+ protection plan and under the warranty, then call the phone number.

Most of the time you can either book an appointment with a genius bar shop or send it in for repair. Because your standard apple warranty sometimes does not the damage of the issue, we highly recommend that you discuss the issue in advance.

How to Report an email which you think is suspicious to the Apple customer service team?

All emails can be forwarded to Apple customer care for further inspection and review to

Apple sales, orders, return and billing customer services

  • Most of the sales and billing questions are answered and addressed well over the phone, dial the Apple customer service team at 0800 048 0408.
  • Apple customer care team is available from 8 AM to 7:45 PM all days.

Apple online help and chat sessions

So you can speak to a member of either customer service or technical support advisor via the Apple website. Here you have several choices, for eg: booking for a callback, chat online, or call the Apple support team directly.

Turn off find my iPhone, iPad, and mac

This situation is mostly used when your devices are at a repair shop, or willing to trade in your Apple devices. Apple find my device is basically a tracking facility help to locate your lost or stolen Apple devices. You can execute this step from either one of your Apple devices registered with the same Apple id or by contacting the Apple customer support team.

For privacy and avoid any misuse please do not remove your lost devices from the find my phone, iPad, or Mac. Because that is going to set your devices free and to be used by other people.

Setup new Apple devices and Apple ID account

If you are new to Apple and got your first ever Apple device, always follow the onscreen instruction wizard to set it up. It great to have your Apple ID configured and verified since you get 5 GB of online storage to store your personal details, like contacts, calendar, notes, and documents, etc, online.

Since the 5 GB storage you get is absolutely free of charge so why not available it, and by the way it only takes few minutes to either create an iCloud email address or register your personal email to create an Apple ID account.

Other Apple help

If you questions related to the Apple services entirely different let us know in the comment box below, we will revert asap.